Let's Get Your Prototype Created
Packaging your product is a huge part of anyone's marketing efforts. Whether you are a designer or the product is your invention, you need the ability to see, hold and feel the package. The prototype is a sample of your idea brought to life. Show off the prototype to get feedback and thoughts from your client or those within your company. This process will give you confidence and peace of mind that your final package will fit within the marketing plan you have created. Prototyping your package also eliminates costly mistakes during production of your final packaging. It is also common to make multiple packages as sales samples, so you can make sales and take orders prior to receiving the final product. This allows you to more accurately evaluate your production needs and shortens the turnaround from production to sales. You won’t be paying for a warehouse full of product while your sales people take orders

  • We Can Create Prototypes For Your Packages - See It Before You Commit to Production Runs.
  • The Final Piece Can Be a Bottle, Bag, Box, Container or Anything You Envision.
  • Small or Large Orders For All Your Business Needs.
  • Prototypes Also Allow You and Your Sales Team to Sell Your Product Before You Have a Warehouse Full.


Let our team walk you through the process just call (310) 840-2940.

The Power of A Prototype
A prototype is a great way to make sure the package that you plan to use for your product is the best fit your company and marketing needs. Sales Samples are prototypes in quantity that allow your sales team to take orders before you go into production. You don't have to wait for your supplier to deliver the finished product.

Does your package need a makeover? Let our Design Team design and create a concept for your new package. You get to evaluate the prototype to make sure it fits what you envision.