Props, props, props… How many props can a production designer, prop master, agency and director fit into a shot? Ahhhh, the sweetness of keeping everyone hanging…

DesignTown, USA has designed, created and manufactured more custom props than any other prop house in Los Angeles. In reality, we are one of the top design and prop Houses in the world.

Our standards are high, our quality is exceptional and our team is afraid of nothing. This is the place where we are supposed to tell you all sorts of cool things to impress you. Sorry, we don't go there. For more than 18 years DesignTown, USA has propped major motion pictures as well as iconic television shows. When you start talking about props for commercials, the list is endless.

At DesignTown, USA, we cover your back and you always look like a hero.

If you can imagine it, we can make it reality.