The DesignTown, USA Rental and Cleared Art department is the one of the most widely shopped areas for Production Designers, Prop Masters and Art Directors in Los Angeles. Whether you need generic products or custom created pieces to dress a set, we can make it happen. Our DTUSA Food Brands have everything you could imagine, from Cereal and Chocolate Syrup to Beer and Soda. Our generic Posters, Books and Magazines have explosive graphics with headlines and copy that match what you see in any major book store.

The DesignTown, USA Pick & Print catalog is an extensive collection of Cleared Art that has already been created and is ready to be utilized to meet your needs. The greatest part of the Pick & Print catalogue is its' versatility. You can mix, match and change ny elements to create the perfect look.

DesignTown, USA products are seen on televisions and theater screens, around the world, on a daily basis. Come to where the pro's shop and see what we have to offer. Make your next shopping trip to DesignTown, USA, where our props are the Heroes.